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Class Schedule for 2018 Show

Color Design Thinking.  Michael Pacitti, Instructor     Saturday, October 6  |  8:30 am-10 am


From inspiration to influence, and final form, join us in this informative seminar that details the many aspects of color and design. The Mid-century modern design movement will be discussed.

Color is one of the most powerful of design elements. It has tremendous expressive qualities. Understanding the uses of color is crucial to effective composition in design especially in Custom Framing Design. Framers are designers not decorators. 

This interactive and informative seminar will teach you everything you need to know to become an expert on color and design-now and in the future.


You’ll find out how and where stylish and traditional colors have been used in art and framing over the past 100 years, giving you a solid understanding of how to forecast the next big trends. You’ll also discover innovative techniques for determining color themes and variations as well as helpful tips for successfully guiding your customers through the color selection process.


Now’s your chance to learn all about color trends and how color associations forecast them throughout the world, helping you communicate these ideas effectively to your clients, generating more sales for your shop.

150 Years of Framing Photography.  Paul MacFarland, Instructor   Saturday, October 6  |  10:15 am-11:45 pm

The program focuses on identifying, mounting and properly presenting photographic images. From the first photo in 1824 to contemporary experimental works participants will examine a wide range of processes and learn to properly examine, condition report and frame them.

Preservation Framing: Managing Contact. Paul MacFarland, Instructor  Saturday, October 6  |  3 pm-4:30 pm


A survey of contemporary preservation framing procedures and products as recommended by the PPFA. It is recommended for framers of all levels.

This is a lecture demonstration program focusing on paper and canvas originals and reproductions. Simplified traditional paste and paper hinge mounting for float as well as matted images is demonstrated and all aspects of the preservation frame package are examined.

Counter Intelligence.  Michael Pacitti, Instructor     Sunday, October 7  |  8:30 am-10 am


As custom framing designers, we are challenged with the daily task of countering product information into strategic “Design Consulting” exchange. Although the process of selling custom framing deals with many features and advantages, seldom do we realize the there are numerous additional “Benefits” of design that warrants information exchange with the client.

This interactive design seminar deals with the designing aspects of custom framing and how to effectively implement specific strategies while working with your customer. It will not only close a lot more contracts and sales, but will also elevate your level of design awareness to that of a Custom Framing Designer rather than a decorator.

Strip Lining Canvas, Fabric Art & Stretching. Rob Markoff, Instructor  Sunday, October 7  |  10:15 am-11:45 am

Continuing Education Credit

What do you do with a canvas that has no selvage? How about a painting that has been cut off the original stretcher bars? How do you select and use stretcher bars? How do you properly stretch canvas and glicle’s printed on canvas? This workshop demonstrates the technique of STRIP LINING and shows the proper use of 8XX polyester fabric and BEVA to add stretching selvage to the edges of canvas. We also look at the variety of stretching supports available, learn how to select the proper support and review a better way to stretch that will save hours of shop time. After taking this class, attendees will have the knowledge and resources to overcome one of the biggest obstacles in dealing with canvas and fabric borne art.  *Meets the requirements for MCPF Continuing Education Credit-open to all framers, not just MCPF designees.

Wax Finishes-Hands On.  Rob Markoff, Instructor     Sunday, October 7  |  2 pm-3:30 pm

Sponsored by Vermont Hardwoods

An industry favorite, this hands-on workshop provides each student the information and tools to make beautiful hardwood frames with a wide variety of finishes. We explore sandpaper selection and use, hardwood selection and

proper use of staining wax. Each student leaves with samples of a variety of stains and woods and a finished 5 x 7 easel backed frame that they created in the workshop. This is the custom part of Custom Framing!

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